While scheduled events are listed here, some singer/songwriter nights are spontaneous. It can happen that someone among the crowd gets up on our Voluntary Outcast „pedestal“ and does an improv … highly appreciated @hawkerbarandkitchen to do your thing and not take yourself too serious.

In addition, Hawker host regular events together with our neighbour Werkbund-berlin.de. Where for example the likes of Berlin`s former Mayor Michael Müller and Gregor Gysi engage in heated discussions on Speakers Corner Day.

Private events or Christmas parties for example, are organized with passion for detail and an emphasis on making it fun.

This coming spring Trixie Lightner is due to open her gallery just across the street from Hawker. Here, she and her daughter Chiara Strickland, a film music composer, will showcase art, design, music & films. Vernissages, movie nights & further events will take place, providing a welcome addition to cultural entertainment on Schlüterstrasse.



Check out our printed booklets on the Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948, which set out the fundamental human rights to be universally protected.

Wherever you live, there are child and youth care homes nearby, filled with youngsters who will grow up to become active members of the very society we ourselves live in. Not in some faraway place, where help is certainly also needed, but right here. They need to know we have their backs or at least trying. Team Hawker helps by making regular donations to local children’s homes and so can you.

By purchasing one booklet for 2 euros, you are making a direct and immediate contribution to help the children of Kinder-und Jugendhaus St. Josef, Luisenstift e.V. Kinder- und Jugendhilfe and Kinderhaus Berlin-Mitte e.V.. The money is used for educational field trips and outings that could not take place without donations. Every single cent is used to pay for and organize socially relevant interactions between children who are well protected,  living with their parents and those in state or community run institutions or homes. Once grown up, we all walk the streets together.